Fondu3 art

Fondu3 art

Hello there, fellow adventurers and art enthusiasts! I’m the motorcycling artist behind Fondu3.

At 46 years old, I decided to shake things up, to swap the conventional for the extraordinary and hit the road on a motorcycle journey across the vibrant landscapes of South America.

But, Fondu3 is more than just a thrilling expedition – it’s an artistic odyssey. Every turn I take, every local I meet, every awe-inspiring sunset I witness fuels my artistic passion. With every sketch, every stroke, every color, I bring to life the sights and sentiments of my journey.

So, join me on this remarkable adventure as I explore the intersection of passion and creativity. This isn’t just about the ride; it’s about living artfully.

Welcome to – where every road leads to inspiration!

-Jesse (aka Fondu3)

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